Emma’s farewell to the project

 I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity that was given to me. It was a great experience and especially the way the schools found a way to introduce us to Bulgaria and make our friends see us again.



ciao da Valerio

 I liked the recipes, the folkloric dances and the places to visit and I will try to recreate one of those recipes


Summary of my Week by Vittoria

 On the first day we spoke together with our Bulgarian and Portuguese friends of the naturalistic itinerary; for example of the parks,of the Sycamore Alley and of the Botunya River.

On the second day we spoke about of the food itinerary, and together with my classmates we discovered new Bulgarian recipes. 
Finally on the third day we spoke about of the folk itinerary; on this last day our Bulgarian friends taught us they danced their traditional dance.
We also had meetings at school where for example we learned to write our name in Bulgarian. 


Giulia here

 This week, we participated in some video calls on Erasmus.

We saw some traditional costumes, traditional food and traditional dances of Bulgaria and Portogallo.
We have also learned the Bulgarian alphabet. It was very interesting!



 I really liked the Erasmus project. I have great memories from Portugal. For example the time we went to the pool during the SPA experience. But my favourite moment was in Italy when we played that special game. To win we had to run around the city and this is how we explored it also it was a lot of fun. It is a pitty that students and teachers from Italy and Portugal couldn’t come to Bulgaria. Exploring another country is a great adventure and I am so sorry that my Portugal and Italian friends couldn’t come to Bulgaria.

Teodor Petrov





    The experience in both of the countries was amazing! In the beginning, I didn’t feel well but the other days I was so happy. The places we visited were incredible! Also the people that we slept in were so kind. These two holidays were very different than the other holidays I’ve had. But really there were no bad things I could talk about. I’m sad that covid hit and the other students can’t come here to visit our town. But in my opinion, some day they will come here, matter what.

Dimitar Lazarov

Stefani here

 The project was very interesting and funny. I am very happy because I had a chance to be in it. We learned a lot of things from our traditions, food, alphabet and dances. We watched videos from our countries. I found friends from Portugal and Italy and I was writing to them. I am sorry that you cannot come here, but I hope to see each other again face to face.

Stefani Konovska

Emma’s farewell to the project

  I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity that was given to me. It was a great experience and especially the way the schools foun...